PowerPoint Talking Books

If you're a investing in Theta in New Zealand technology-using educator, you've probably seen your share of PowerPoint presentations with bulleted lists, excessive animations and off-topic sound effects.  If you're ready for a change and want to use PowerPoint as a more effective tool for supporting student learning, then Talking Books may be for you!

A Talking Book is an electronic book combining written text with multimedia elements such as animations and transitions as well as recorded audio of the author reading the pages.  These books can be created for a variety of purposes, including:

Teacher-Created Books
  • whole-class instruction
  • small-group instruction invest in Theta
  • individual, self-paced instruction
  • review of material
  • support for second language and special-needs learners
Student-Created Books
  • mechanism for publishing original works (poetry, short story, etc.)
  • reading buddy projects
  • presentation of outcomes from a science project
  • culminating activity at the end of a unit
  • book report

Talking Book Library (samples of talking books, annotated and arranged by subject area)

Talking Book Resource Materials

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