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Talking Books come in many different forms and can be used in many ways.  This matrix contains the start of a talking book collection that we hope will continue to grow.  If you become inspired to create your own, we invite you to submit  it to the collection!  Though we can't guarantee that all talking books submitted will be posted, we look forward to sharing creative ideas that make the most of the multimedia capabilities of PowerPoint as an instructional tool.  As you look the examples below, please note the following:

  • These sample documents were created using PowerPoint XP.  Many of them use special animations that will not display correctly in earlier versions of PowerPoint!  If you do not have PowerPoint XP (or PowerPoint 2004 on a Macintosh), you may download a PowerPoint XP Viewer HERE.  Doing this will allow you to view the entire Talking Book as it was intended by the author.

  • These Talking Books are all write-protected.  You DO NOT need to enter a password.  However you do need to select the "Read Only" option in the Password dialogue box to read the book.  You will not be allowed to save or make changes to the files.

  • Be aware that because these books contain multimedia elements (audio recording, digital images, etc.) the file sizes can be quite large and may take some time to download.

  • Books have been left in their original state unless there were technical issues that had to be resolved prior to posting.

Language Arts
Primary Intermediate Mid-High

The Birthday Party
Intended for Primary (K-2) students, this book reinforces following verbal directions.
(2.8 MB)

Freddie the Friendliest Mouse
This book is intended for students who are learning about comparative and superlative forms of short adjectives.  Very engaging and wonderful images drawn with PowerPoint Draw tools!

(5.1 MB)

Writing for an Audience  (4.3 MB)



Primary Intermediate Mid-High

Spike the Porcupine
Intended for Primary (K-1) students as an introduction to geometry and spatial relationships.  Could also be used for instruction on prepositions. (2.9 MB)

Get Bent Out of Shape
Intended for Intermediate level (4-5) students.  Focuses on the similarities and differences between geometric shapes. (2.9 MB)

The Order of Operations
Intended for high school students learning about the order of operations in math.  Provides examples and practice in following the process.
(2.9 MB)

Nathan and the Walk Through Shape Park
Primary (K-2) students gain visual experience with sorting and classifying shapes and colors.
(3 MB)

Where is Terry Two?
A mathematical mystery that asks kids to solve basic addition problems in order to figure out the solution to the mystery.
(5 MB)


Designed for primary (K-1) students, this book helps identify common geometric shapes in everyday objects. (3.1 MB)

Social Studies
Primary Intermediate Mid-High

People and Places
in My Community

(4.8 MB)

Intended for Intermediate level (4-5)students, this book explores the question: Who was Harriet Tubman? This multimedia biography explores her role in American history.  (11.9 MB)
Two Liners, Two Destinies
Intended for Middle School students, this book provides extensive background information on the Titanic and Lusitania and poses the essential question, "Is salvaging artifacts preserving history or grave desecration? (6.3 MB)
Faces of the Civil War
Intended for Middle School students, this book provides basic biographical information on the key players of the Civil War.  (4.6 MB)
    Women's Suffrage image
Women's Suffrage/
Sufragio Fernenino

A bilingual talking book dealing with Women's Suffrage
(75 MB)


Primary Intermediate Mid-High

Larry Gets Lost
Intended for Intermediate level (4-5) students, this book tells the tale of Lizard Larry who gets lost and has to use compass directions in order to get home.
(3.9 MB)


Primary Intermediate Mid-High

Solar System Sleepover
Appropriate for students in primary grades, this book provides basic information about the solar system and uses interesting and engaging animations.
(6 MB)

Chasing Balloons
Appropriate for any grade level, this book provides factual information about the preparation, setup, launch, flight, and landing of a hot air balloon.

(4.3 MB)


A Trip to Outer Space
Intended for Intermediate level (4-5) students, this book provides factual information about the Solar System.
(5.4 MB)

The Arts (Music, Visual Arts & Dance)
Primary Intermediate Mid-High

Brad the Bear Goes
to the Art Museum

(6 MB)

What Is Your Sound?
Intended for Intermediate (4-5) level students, this book explores music and sound, and how our moods are affected by them. (5 MB)


The Art of Ballet
Intended for someone intermediate age and above who is interested in learning the basics of ballet.  Includes video clips as well as digital photography.

Primary Intermediate Mid-High

Captain Clean and the Giant Germ Gang!
Designed for primary students, this story about Captain Clean encourages kids to wash their hands to prevent the spread of disease.
(3.3 MB)

Physical Education
Primary Intermediate Mid-High

This book is simple enough for primary students but appropriate for anyone who wants to know how to play hopcsotch. 
(3.3 MB)

Foreign Language

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